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We need you!

The Old Irish Pub is nothing without dedicated and ambitious employees, as they are the cornerstone of our company. At the Old Irish Pub, we wish for all aspects of the organization to reflect high quality. We believe that this is a contributing factor to keep our guests wanting to come back weekend after weekend.

We strive to continuously challenge and mentor our employees with further responsibilities and new tasks every week. With our very special Old Irish Pub Academy it is always possible to grow and to be promoted. If you pass the specific tests you can rise to the next level and you can go as far as you can dream of. Several members of the company’s management began their career with us as a runner.

We hope you will stay with us for many years and so you can expect us to invest in you and your advancement. We want you to succeed. You can also expect us to take you seriously and to listen to your input and feedback as we are always open to new ideas and renewal.

We are proud to be a diverse workplace, where our employees - in all parts of the organization - consists of people from all parts of the world. At the Old Irish Pub, we recognize and value all employees and guests - regardless of age, gender, religion, criminal record, or ethnicity. Therefore, we encourage everyone (at the age of 18) to apply for a job with us.

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